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الحمدللہ! By the grace of Allah, Maktaba Tul Madina, India’, aimed at propagating Islamic teachings by publishing Islamic books and booklets written by honourable Shaykh Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri دَامَـتْ بَـرَكَـاتُـهُـمُ الْـعَـالِـيَـه and other scholars. Maktaba Tul Madina has branches in different countries to cater the need of Muslim community of different languages. It also offers the facility of online selling to online buyers as well as home delivery service To expand the teachings of Islam, we publish an Islamic Books, Booklets, Quran in different varities and languages. Literature from Maktaba Tul Madina contains several topics such as daily life problems and solutions, famous Islamic personalities and much more. Reading the books published by Maktaba Tul Madina can change the approach and outlook of a person alongwith his lifestyle as it also has books related to health and fitness. It also has books about various Islamic Teachings and it has a many books specially designed for women. Furthermore, this is the best website for your kids as they have various colorful small story booklets for childrens which can help and grow their knowledge.

Prominent Features

Language: Most of the books are available in 2 to 3 languages viz. Urdu, Hindi, Gujrati but there are many titles for which we have quite a few other lanugages viz. English, Bengali, Telugu & Tamil. There are quite a few titles which are also available in Urdu language translated to Roman English which is a prefered reading language of today's new Generation.


Users may search any book by its name or they can make a search using various categories and can find their desired topic. Everything is wonderfully categorized.

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Magazine archive is an amazing feature. You may get previous magazines by using it and read magazines online free.

Interesting Topics

Users may get all the interesting topics and enhance their knowledge. This magazine would help you in every aspect.

  • Articles about Islam
    • Users may increase their Islamic knowledge and can give information to others by reading articles about Islam.
  • Biographies
    • This application contains biographies and introductions of prominent personalities. Users may know them by reading.
  • Women Section
    • It has a separate available section for women in which content is particularly designed for women and their problems.
  • Kids Section
    • Kids section is also included in this magazine. Kids magazine has a wide range of topics such as wisdom stories and learning activities for children which will help them to increase the knowledge.
  • Health & Fitness
    • Health and fitness is also a part of this app by having this feature, readers can get benefits such as treatment, precautions & home remedies for several diseases.
  • Lifestyle Issues
    • By downloading books, you may know the solutions to different issues and make yourself better. We warmly welcome your suggestions and recommendations.